#SixforSunday – Six Favourite Authors to Follow

I absolutely love the interaction that authors have on Twitter. One of my favourite things about reading books – either for myself, or with my class is the interaction that you can be lucky enough to get afterwards!

It’s had a huge impact on my class as they always want me to tweet authors for them, or even post letters they’ve written to them. It’s had an impact on their enjoyment of reading which has been such a nice thing to see!

Choosing just six authors I love following is another tricky challenge; there are so many to select from! But I’ve given it a go…

1) Abi Elphinstone – @moontrug

Abi has always interacted with the Twitter world and it’s brilliant to see! She’s so enthusiastic about work children do based around her books & takes the time to comment and reply! Recently, whilst we studied Rumblestar in Whole Class Reading, Abi was kind enough to send each of the children a signed bookmark and a class copy of the American version of Rumblestar! Obviously, the class were absolutely delighted! But I thought this was such a lovely gesture and I was incredibly grateful.

2) Jenny McLachland – @JennyMclachlan1

I loved reading Land of Roar (as did my class!) and the class wrote letters to Jenny. She was really kind and took the time to reply. But, on top of this, she has been very generous with her time and is coming to our Book Festival in June! I cannot wait to meet her IRL; she’s going to be very enthusiastically received at our school!

3) Louie Stowell – @louiestowell

Louie is such a positive presence on Twitter! It doesn’t even have to be book talk – she will interact with lots of different things, but always in a very helpful, uplifting way! Her latest book is in my half term TBR pile & I can’t wait to get stuck in!

4) Jennifer Killick – @JenniferKillick

On Twitter, Jennifer is always interacting with teachers and book bloggers! Again, she is such a positive influence on there, taking the time to respond. I am going to watch her talk at the Cardiff Kid’s Lit Fest and I can’t wait!

5) Sam Copeland – @stubbleagent

Sam’s books are hilarious and if you haven’t read them, I highly recommend it! Through interacting on Twitter, Sam is also coming to our Book Festival and I saw him speak in the Bath Lit Festival (FYI – it was just as funny as his books!). He is a really good person to follow.

6) Damaris Young – @damarisyoung

Another author attending our Book Festival! Damaris made such an effort to reply to a child in my class. We had a liiiitle issue with the post, but she was so accommodating! The child in my class was so grateful for the time Damaris took to send her a letter; she was really thrilled. Damaris comes across as a really genuine, kind person and that’s a brilliant person to have as a role model to your class!

As I said earlier these are only a small selection of all the brilliant authors on Twitter! I can’t wait to see who everyone else suggests.

Currently Reading: Pet – Akwaeke Emezi

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