Granny Magic – Elka Evalds

Illustrated by Teemu Juhani

Stars: *****

I have to say, I LOVED this book! It is full of fun, imaginative storylines & golden sheep! It was a magical tale which would be enjoyable for lots of different age groups.

Will’s Granny has been knitting as long as he can remember – jumpers, toys and socks, just to name a few! When she passes away, he helps his mum tidy through his Granny’s things and chooses a jumper to keep for himself.

When it wears it though, he notices it makes him feel different. The same with his dad’s socks! Will starts to become suspicious that there could be something afoot with his Granny’s knitting…

Soon, her knitting buddies arrive and Will is let in on a secret: they knit magical things! When Jasper Fitchet moves to the town, they’ll need their magic more than ever to beat him and his hideous, mysterious jumpers. Can they find more golden wool & knit him into knots?

The whole book I wondered if I was part of the knitting knot, what magical item I would make to help me! It is full of funny moments, heartwarming moments and moments where friendship helps them all through.

It was a quick read (would be perfect for year 3/4) but it kept me hooked from start to finish – I couldn’t put the book down!

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