The Deepest Secret – Meg Grehan

Stars: *****

It’s easy to see how this book has made it onto the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize. It is emotive and thought-provoking, as well as being written in poetry which really adds to the empathetic writing.

Stevie is 11 and loves knowing facts, particularly about sea creatures. Knowing facts keeps her safe from things that could be scary. She’s been best friends with Andrew her whole life and her mum constantly teases her that one day they might get married.

Stevie doesn’t want to marry Andrew though. She doesn’t like him. Not in the way her mum wants her to anyway.

But she does like Chloe at school. She feels a way she hasn’t felt before about her, but is confused. Is this what she’s meant to feel? She always uses facts to help her, but this is purely emotion!

The Deepest Breath is focused around Stevie’s journey of discovery and is an honest, open story which is enlightening to children. It shows them that they can be themselves, as well as understanding that we can all feel differently.

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