Trouble in New York – Sylvia Bishop

Illustrated by: Marco Guadalupi

Stars: ****

Set in 1960’s America, ‘Trouble In New York’ follows Jamie on his endeavour to become a hot-shot reporter. He writes for his school paper – the Bay Ridge Bugle – and is paper boy for the Morning Yorker. And it’s the Yorker he really wants to write for. Each year, Jamie enters their Young Reporter of the Year competition; his dream job is to work there.

One morning Jamie, whilst doing his paper route, bumps into Harry Hopper (editor of the Yorker) who offers him a visit to their offices. Jamie can’t wait to take him up on it!

Once he does, however, he ends up reporting on something much bigger than he originally imagined. Actresses are going missing. An arsonist is vanishing without being arrested. A shooting happens.

He becomes caught in a web of confusion, deceit and lies and Jamie must now uncover the most important story of all: the truth.

I loved the historic setting of 1960’s New York – the old-fashioned style of reporting, the importance of a paper round and the city setting. I wish I could see the giant candle in the Yorker offices – I love the idea of it burning down as the stories are being developed!

Jamie is tenacious and determined which can get him into a pickle! He needs his new friends – Eve and Rose – to help him write his own story. Without their skills, he’d never uncover the truth. It’s a brilliant story which shows you sometimes need to ask for help and work with others to succeed.

Alongside the theme of teamwork another thing I absolutely loved about this book was the integration of the illustrations. Throughout the book there are brilliant illustrations starting each chapter, as well as snippets of different text styles which really enhance the story.

*Review Copy 😊*

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