The Bigwoof Conspiracy – Dashe Roberts

Cover Art: Bill Bragg

Stars: *****

I genuinely feel EXHAUSTED today because I couldn’t bear to put this book down! It was a fast-paced, mysterious tale which left me intrigued.

Lucy is absolutely OBSESSED with UFOs. When unexplained disappearances start happening in her hometown, she wants to investigate them and get to the bottom of the mystery. When she sneaks out that night to play detective, she finds something completely unexpected – a new friend….and a Bigwoof!

Milo is out taking photos when he sees Lucy struck by lightning. He just wanted to do some work but ends up being pulled into uncovering one of the biggest cover-ups the town of Sticky Pines has ever seen.

Except this book! The characters were mysterious (and sometimes creepy!) which led to an exciting story. Sticky Pines is a brilliant setting – the small town interlinked the characters brilliantly, as well as creating a more spooky atmosphere. If everybody knows everybody…then who could be behind the mysterious happenings?

Underneath all the mystery was also comedy. I especially enjoyed the banana man character (I’m sure you’ll see why!) and the interactions between Lucy and her friends/sister. The funny-ness felt really genuine and helped create characters you could relate to.

At the end, we’re left on a cliffhanger, not knowing what will happen to Lucy – and the information she receives! – next. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the next book so I can find out!

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