It’s the first #SixforSunday of March…and it’s started with a tricky one! (Though I feel like I say this every week!).

This week, we’re talking about what names we’d like to name kids after; it’s taken me ages to choose so we’ll keep this short and sweet before I change my mind again!

1) Stella – Five Feet Apart

2) Mila – Lost

3) Ted – Son of a Circus

4) Fionn – Storm Keeper’s Island

5) Sierra – Highland Falcon Thief

6) Orla – Orla and the Serpent’s Curse (which, is kind of cheating as I’ve not read this book yet! But when it arrived I saw the name on the cover and thought it’s really pretty!)

There you have it: six names!

Currently Reading: The Highland Falcon Thief – Sam Sedgman and M.G Leonard

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