The First Day of My Life – Lisa Williamson

Stars: *****

Lisa Williamson has written an interesting, interwoven story which depicts friendship and dramas of a teenage trio. A dramatic opening leads us to question decisions made throughout, until we discover what has happened…

A baby has been stolen; it’s a shock to the town it happens in, as well as three friends who’s lives have recently been turned upside down.

Frankie has been abandoned on GCSE results day by her best friend Jojo. She isn’t even picking up her phone. Soon Frankie begins to worry. What’s happened to keep her away? They’ve been best friends since they’re little; why wouldn’t she show up? Soon, she reaches out to her ex-boyfriend Ram, who agrees to help her find Jojo, even when Frankie makes a wild accusation.

Written from the perspective of all three friends, which makes it interesting as they reveal the events from the day one by one. Frankie, who starts the story, creates mystery whilst still being a realistic depiction of life as a teenager. Next the story is told by Jojo, who gives us more insight into the events that happened in the run-up to the ending. You only know what’s happened when Lisa wants you to know what’s happened.

Finally, we hear the ending of the story from the view of Ram which, as the male lead character, adds a further complexity to the book.

It feels as though you know the characters; the writing style really allows you to develop an understanding of their choices, their actions and their relationships. I really enjoyed the way the story progressed and I found myself desperate to read more in order to understand what had led to this point in the story.

And, as I always say, I really enjoyed the setting of Swindon as it always makes it more interesting when you know the town which is featured (and can definitely think of a club that Aphrodite’s could easily be…).

*Review Copy 😊*

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