The Pear Affair – Judith Eagle

Illustrator: Kim Geyer

Stars: *****

The Pear Affair is an exciting, intriguing mystery which keeps the action going right to the end!

Nell Magnificent has the worst parents ever. They sent her off to a boarding school she hates and got rid of her au pair, Pear. One day, after having to complete the extensive journey home alone after they forget her, she ends up getting to tag along on their trip to Paris…which gives her a perfect excuse to find Pear!

Her parents leave for Venice…but Nell stays behind to continue her search. During this time she poses as a bellboy, discovers friends in the underground tunnels and catacombs as well as exploring the French city using her new-found detective skills. On her way, she not only finds clues about Pear, but also about the mystery ‘Thing’ striking down the boulangeries of Paris. Can she not only find her friend, but save the town?

This book was full of interesting characters who all had an important part to play in the story. I loved how they all interlinked, revealing clues throughout the book. Nell was tenacious and fierce, with a loyal determination to not only her old friend Pear but also the new friends she makes along her way. It was exciting to see her discover morsels of information which led her to the ending (which kept you turning the page right until the last one!).

The plot had lots of layers yet easy to follow as Judith guided you through the story. The language was interesting and the description allowed you to picture the scenes in your mind, pulling you into the settings. I loved the scenes of the children building their own communities in the underground tunnels; their comradely spirit created a brilliant theme of friendship throughout the book and shows children what they can do when they put their minds together!

In the final pages, there were further reveals (some very surprising ones too!) which tied it all together and gave the reader a sense of satisfaction, yet still left them wanting to see if Nell would go on another adventure…

If you would like to win a special ‘The Pear Affair Prize’, all you need to do is guess the location…

“Mon dieu! Judith Eagle has hidden a copy of The Pear Affair in a mystery Parisian location. Do you know where it is? If so, you could be in with the chance of winning a special Pear Affair bundle!

Email with your guess and your name by Wednesday 18th March. Competition open to UK only residents. Bonne chance!”

*Review Copy 😊*

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