Crater Lake – Jennifer Killick

Cover Design:

Stars: *****

Lance and his friends are on their Year 6 residential to Crater Lake, an activity centre set where a meteor once landed. Lance has secrets he doesn’t want anyone to know; they’ll be harder to keep concealed when he’s with his friends 24/7!

On the journey, they meet a road block…in the form of a bloodstained figure staggering into the road. The staff and adults aren’t sure what’s happened to him and he isn’t able to give them any clues about what happened to him. Not that any of them would have guessed what’s about to happen…

In a daring adventure full of mystery and intrigue, Lance and his friends will need to overcome their fear, judgements of each other and hidden depths to their personalities in order to survive.

Through the story, friendships prove vital to the children and help them to find parts of themselves that they didn’t know they had yet. They realise that their perceptions of each other might not originally be correct, and would need to be adjusted, helping themselves and each other.

I loved the creepy mystery that Crater Lake held. It built suspense and tension, making you wonder what moves you’d make in the character’s position! There was a really eerie atmosphere – I thought the setting was brilliant! This is definitely a story I’d want to read my class before their residential!

*Review Copy 😊*

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