Clever Cakes – Michael Rosen

Illustrations: Ashley King

Stars: *****

Clever Cakes comprises of two brilliant stories written by the amazing Michael Rosen.

First is Clever Cakes, the story of Masha who gets lost in the woods and ends up being taken to be the servant of a muscly bear. She is not happy about this prospect at all, so soon devises a plan to escape.

Next is The Great Golden Belly-Button. King Jabber is feeling unsatisfied in his position as ruling royal. When one of his servants, Bradstock, suggests he give the Great Golden Belly-Button to the person who makes him laugh most, King Jabber thinks of an even better idea. The person with the biggest lie will win.

Both stories have a background element of fairy tale with characters which are familiar to the young readers such as bears, kings and girls getting lost in the wood. It has recognisable parts of the story which allow children to gain confidence and understanding.

However they have fresh, new twists to them which children will enjoy – strong, smart girls who overcome their issues, and the situations they find themselves in using their brilliant ideas.

Marsha and Peggy are both relatable to the reader, yet give children an idea of what they can do when they put their mind to it!

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*Review Copy 😊*

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