Harrow Lake – Kat Ellis

Stars: *****

Lola has been living with her famous director father Nolan her whole life. Her mother, who’s been gone since she was five, has left a hole in her life that her father has wanted to fill. He protects her and wants her to be the best version of herself.

When she comes home one day to find her father has been stabbed and left to die, she is sent to live with her maternal grandmother in Harrow Lake: the town her mother grew up in. Not only that, but Harrow Lake was the setting and filming location for her father’s most famous film, Nightjar, in which her mother has the lead role as Little Bird.

Soon the town starts to talk about the mysterious man who is considered to be much more than a local legend. With local girls going missing, is Mister Jitters really to blame, or are there even deeper secrets that the town doesn’t want to share?

First, can we appreciate the amazing presentation of this book! I’ve loved carrying it round in its ‘tape’ box!

And the inside was as impressive as the outside! I loved the way suspense and tension was built through this book, right from the beginning. The breadcrumbs of the story were laid by Kat throughout the story, revealing what she wanted you to know at each stage.

I found myself still guessing what the ending of the book was going to be until right at the end! There were small details included which later became important points. Lola was a perfectly crafted character who evolved as the story developed. It was written in first person from her point of view, which added to the jittery, creepy nature of the story.

If you like creepy, thrilling stories with a horror element then I highly recommend this book!

*Review Copy 😊*


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