The Last Tree – Emily Haworth-Booth


This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of people who needed a home, and chose the perfect place.

At the start, the trees provided the perfect comfort and protection just as they are. But soon, they realise that trees can be used in lots of other ways which help them get where they live just right.

I loved the different illustration styles within this book which helped to convey the theme of the story throughout the book. The comic-style pages give information quickly with lots of detail, which enhanced the full page pictures which come afterwards.

Children are so enthusiastic about looking after our environment at the moment and this book ties in wonderfully with this. It allows them to see the importance of the environment, as well as the value of friendship and working together.

I know ‘Last Tree’ will promote thinking and discussion from the children, as well as providing them with a thoroughly enjoyable storytime.

*Review Copy 😊*

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