Wed Wabbit – Lissa Evans

Front Cover: Sarah McIntyre
Map: Tomislav Tomic

Stars: *****

Wed Wabbit begins with Fidge feeling put-upon and disheartened. She often is left behind her sister, Minnie, who is the apple of her mother’s eye. Minnie is obsessed with Wed Wabbit and Wimbley Woos, which means Fidge has to put up with them too.

One day, Fidge has had enough of the demands of her sister and kicks Wed Wabbit, who Minnie has dropped into the road…and has to watch her sister chase after it. After Minnie is rushed to hospital, Fidge has to stay with her boring cousin Graham who is scared of everything.

This is when it gets weird for Fidge; she finds herself transported into a world of colourful Wimbley Woos who’s world is changing after a dictator (who can’t say ‘r’) has taken over. The colour and fun is being sucked out of life and Fidge needs to change it…

Wed Wabbit is a book with subtle thematic undertones, touching on relevant issues that children – and adults – deal with within their own life. Although masked with a light-hearted story, it is full of important messages that children should embrace.

Fidge and Graham both had to overcome themselves within the book – unpicking their own personalities in order to put back the pieces in a different place, allowing them see the world in a new way, and themselves with it.

I loved the Wimbley Woos and their different personalities – I think it was my favourite part of the story! I really enjoyed that they, along with their world, were really intricately linked and had an integral role in the story. You kept wondering which colour Wimbley Woo most suited your personality…(until the end…but I won’t spoil why!).

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