100 Children’s Books That Inspire Our World – Colin Salter

Stars: ****

100 Children’s Books that inspire our world is PACKED with facts and information about some of our most-loved literature. Each book has been chosen because of the impact it has had on not only our reading choices, but also society around us.

Helpfully in chronological order (it starts with Tales of Mother Goose from 1697!), this book gives you a detailed background into some of our most loved stories and their authors. It also includes some history about what was happening at the time of the book being written, how it was influenced, as well as it’s influence on the world.

I particularly enjoyed the history included in the book, giving us an insight into the era the book was written and why the text was so needed. They have all had an influence on how people thought, or acted, since reading them which I find really interesting!

I was really surprised how many books I had heard of, yet not quite realised how old they were! It’s made me want to start reading more classic children’s books and continue to understand what’s made them stand out in our rich literary history. It’s also a great suggestion of books and extracts which would be worth using in the classroom; I want children in my class to see how brilliant some older texts can also be.

There are some reveals (spoilers!) within this text if you haven’t read a book – so if you know it’s one you want to read without knowing what’s happened, just skip the page!

*Review Copy 😊*

This is an ideal book for any lover of children’s books and literature.


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