Train to Impossible Places – P. G. Bell

Illustrated by: Flavia Sorrentino

Stars: *****

We start the story with Suzy Smith sat at a table, working. She loves maths and physics – maths has rules she can follow but physics helps her to explore the world. It helps her understand how things work.

But she is soon thrown into a new world where physics don’t apply – an alternate reality of Impossible Places! It begins when, during the night, she hears noises coming from downstairs and bravely goes down to investigate. To her surprise, a railway is being built through her hallway by a troll!

When the train arrives, she is launched on an adventure delivering post to impossible places. But, when she makes the decision to steal some post, the adventure becomes even bigger than she could have dreamed it…

Suzy has a dream adventure delivering post round the Impossible Places, which is a really interesting and clever way to incorporate a number of contrasting lands into one story. I love getting post, so seeing what might be delivered I found really enjoyable (I especially liked the underwater delivery!). P. G. Bell has written a fabulously original tale, full of lands which are dramatic and well-created.

The illustrations throughout help you add to the magical worlds you’ve entered, and envision the different characters you meet along the way.

Each character is interlinked and has their own contribution to the story; you’re left wondering right until the final pages of the book when it is finally revealed!

I can’t wait to read the sequel: The Great Brain Robbery!

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