Viper’s Daughter – Michelle Paver

Stars: *****

I am a huge fan of the Wolf Brother series, so was excited to see there was another book about Torak and his adventures!

I’m super excited to have Michelle Paver herself answering questions about her brand new book and the series as a whole. So don’t take my word for it – hear what the author has to say…

What do you think?

Personally, I have always loved the historical element of the books, alongside the different adventures Torak finds himself on. I won’t give too much away about Viper’s Daughter (because I know some of you will need to start from the first book in the series!) but I loved the mystic elements that were included. It felt like the already fully-developed characters discovered even more about themselves; they continue growing.

Alongside the book itself, you can find some amazing resources for the series here: They’re definitely worth checking out to help keep the kids (and you!) busy.

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