#SixforSunday – Books left on my TBR pile

Life has taken over a bit and I’ve stopped blogging as much as usual, which means I’ve missed a few #SixforSundays. But today, I’m getting back on track!

It’s a perfect time to tackle the TBR pile – let’s face it, what else can we do for hours on end but read? We can get lost in an imaginary world for a while and try to, just for an hour or two, forget the reality of our own.

There’s a few books I’ve avoided on my boob shelf for various reasons: time, length, too much choice. But these are a few that I’ve not read yet, but really should! These are all books I’ve loved the look of when I’ve bought them, but somehow they keep missing the top TBR pile spot!

1) The Strawberry Thief – Joanne Harris 🍓

I saw this in my local bookshop (Bassett Books!) and just loved the look of it.

2) Tin – Padraig Kenny

Only heard amazing things – but it’s just ended up on my shelf waiting for me to read it!

3) The Essex Serpent – Sarah Perry

I loved the sound of this when I saw it in my history magazine, and was lucky enough to find a copy that same weekend in my local Oxfam! But then, never started it!

4) The Cukoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith

I wanted to read this for a while to see what it was like, then was sent a copy in a teacher gift swap. Just kept waiting for the right time to come along!

5) The Last Chance Hotel – Nicki Thornton

I originally bought Bad Luck Lighthouse then realised it has a book before it, so got that too! By then I’d started another book and kept putting off starting another series!

6) Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

I’ve always wanted to read classics but with so many lovely new releases to read, I don’t get round to it. However, this is now the first book of our Tadpole Lockdown Book Club – so it’s right at the top of my list!

I’ve just got to finish my current book, and I’ll be diving straight into the world of Elizabeth Bennet! Then, all these books are going to be ones I aim to read soon – no more lingering on my top shelf!

Currently Reading: Pages & Co. – Anna James

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