Firefighter Ruby – Emma Greenhalgh

Illustrated by: Sarah-Leigh Wills

Stars: ****

When Ruby’s class are visited by the Fire Service, she hears about all the heroic things they do in their job. They don’t just rescue people from fires, but also crashes, drowning and even those who are lost and trapped.

Straight away, Ruby knows this is what she wants to be when she grows up! But the next day, when she tells her class, the boys laugh at her. They make her believe that it isn’t possible for girls to be a firefighter. Upset, Ruby goes home and wishes she were a boy so she could achieve her dream. But that all changes when she meets Laura!

Before you even open this book we are met with the quote that ‘girls can be heroes too’ and this is a message which is clear throughout the book! Whilst Ruby wants to be a firefighter in particular, it demonstrates to girls that there isn’t anything they can’t do. Even when Ruby is teased by the boys, she doesn’t give up on her dream once others intervene and show her she can be whatever she wants to be.

Ruby learns that she can be a firefighter and is shown more about the job, which is informative for her, but also the reader! Children reading will learn not just how to challenge gender stereotypes but also some safety tips too. Fire Safety is so important and beyond the obvious themes of girl power, is the importance of fire fighters.

It is written in a really accessible way for children and they may even recognise some of their own feelings and issues within the story. It provides an open discussion on a range of important topics, which children can begin to understand further.

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

*Review Copy*

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