Matched – Ally Condie

Cover Design: Theresa Evangelista

Stars: *****

This is a story of a dystopian where The Society make all the rules – even who you fall in love with.

Cassia and Xander are best friends – they always have been. So when they are ‘matched’, their families are delighted. It’s highly unusual to me matched with someone from your area, let alone someone you know well. Her life seems to be slotting into place perfectly.

But when viewing her microcard containing details of her partner, a different face flashes up. And, it’s another boy she knows. How could The Society make a mistake like this?

Soon, Cassia has to make choices she didn’t know could exist. Her life was supposed to be mapped out for her; now, she has to decide which path to choose. One which is safe…and another which is much more dangerous.

I was hooked straight into this book. I love a dystopian trilogy and Matched did not disappoint. I found the moral dilemmas it posed really interesting – would it work for Society to choose your partner? Can they always get it right? Would data give you all the answers you need?

It is full of reveals which keep your interest piqued through the story. Cassia must make a lot of decisions whilst discovering the flaws in the Society she has always lived in, and always trusted. She uncovers truths which she must then keep hidden to keep people she loves safe. Cassia must weigh up risks carefully but always understand her new knowledge will affect those around her.

Xander, Ky and Em are interesting characters who all develop Cassia’s story with their own dilemmas. Their social situations change, impacted by the choices she makes. Her family also had a well-written dynamic which felt realistic and believable.

The book was tied together really well, with lots of characters interweaving to create the final pages…of this part of the story! We were also left with lots of questions which were unanswered, setting it up perfectly for the sequel.

I’ve already bought the next two books in the trilogy – I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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