#SixforSunday – Recent Additions

I always, always say I’m not going to buy more books…and I don’t stick to it. I’m glad to have a little time to begin working through my giant TBR pile and gain some shelf space back!

However, I will need to stop ordering anything new, or there will be no noticeable change at all! I’ve had a few new books come in the last few weeks, as well as having some on pre-order from before our quarantine started!

Here’s just 6 from my most recent arrivals! I’ve given you the cover AND the blurb so you might get tempted for yourself…

We Begin at the End – Chris Whittaker

The Mystery of Henri Pick – David Foenkinos (Review Copy)

Lenny’s Book of Everything – Karen Foxlee

Sky Pirates – Alex English (Review Copy)

Here Lie the Secrets – Emma Young (Review Copy)

Surrounded by Idiots – Thomas Erikson

Currently Reading: Bubble Boy – Stewart Foster

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  1. NaomiF says:

    I loved Bubble boy and Lenny’s Book of Everything is pretty good too, hope you enjoy it!!

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