Tale of a Toothbrush – M. G. Leonard

Illustrated by: Daniel Rieley

Stars: *****

Sofia picks herself a new toothbrush – a sunny yellow one that she names Sammy. She even pops an S on his tummy for Sammy…and Sofia! She uses him every morning and evening until his bristles are worn out. It’s then that Sofia’s mum throws him in the bin. Sofia isn’t happy at all that Sammy is gone.

Meanwhile, Sammy is on a new adventure across the world as rubbish. He travels very far from home in lots of different ways…but just wants to be back at home with Sofia. He finds some friendly faces along the way as he tries to find a route back home.

On his journey across the world, Sammy sees the effect that plastic can have. Products that won’t disintegrate; animals that think plastic are food; plastic that clutters and pollutes the oceans. As a reader, we are guided through how plastic impacts the environment in a way that allows children to see what happens without using scare tactics. They can see ways they can be eco-friendly through reading an entertaining story.

The illustrations are lovely and really engage the reader beyond the words (I thought Sammy was super cute and would love a little cuddly one for my classroom!). It has made what can be a scary topic into an accessible, understandable issue. I loved that there was a fact page after the story, too, to consolidate all the information that had been given in the story.

A must-have for every classroom. I definitely think all year groups can engage with this story!

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here: https://amzn.to/2xu4mu6

*Review Copy*

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