Lampie – Annet Schaap

Stars: *****

Lampie and her father are in charge of the lighthouse: they keep it working for ships to sail safely. She enjoys living by the sea and often likes the work she does for the lighthouse. Her father has lost his leg and can’t go up and down all the stairs, like he needs to, so Lampie helps. Sometimes, he finds life hard which can make it hard for her too.

One night, there is a raging storm and Lampie has run out of matches. She races through the storm to buy some more, but she doesn’t make it in time. A ship has been wrecked. Her father is forced to pay the damages by working alone in the lighthouse, with Lampie sent away to the Admiral’s House to work off even more of the charges.

The house is said to be home to a monster – one that everyone has heard of but they’ve not seen.

This was a beautiful tale of friendship, overcoming struggles and the sea. Lampie is a strong lead character who wants to make life better not only for herself, but others that she comes into contact with. Despite the hardship of her own life she sees the best in other people, helping them to become better themselves.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the overarching story line which became more complex through the interactions of the different characters. Their different personalities were strong and individual; there were no side characters in this tale. Edward was definitely my favourite. At first, he is stubborn and hostile. But he soon realises his true worth and potential which was emotionally written.

Set near the sea, all of the places in the story are described in a clear way which allows you to envisage the setting and how the tale interacts with it. I enjoyed the eerie Admiral’s House; the beauty of the coastline despite the ferociousness of the sea; the cheer and mystery at the fair.

This is a story that adults and children alike would all enjoy.

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