Peanut Goes for Gold – Jonathan Van Ness

Illustrated by: Gillian Read

Stars: ****

Peanut is a guinea pig who likes to do everything in their own unique way. Whether it’s enjoying cartwheeling during basketball or banana pancakes on their birthday – it always involves a little twist on what others might consider normal.

Then, when Peanut decides to become a rhythmic gymnast they come up with a routine that is 100% them.

This is a lovely tale of Peanut who wants to live their life in their own way! They like to have fun and enjoy themselves while being a good friend.

It shows children that everyone should be allowed to be who they want – we all shine whatever we choose to do. Peanut is a character that lets children explore more complex ideas; to understand and accept individuality.

I loved the beautiful illustrations throughout, which really helped bring Peanut & their story to life!

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

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