The Blue Giant – Katie Cottle

Stars: ****

Blue Giant is a stunningly illustrated story looking at how we can save our oceans.

Meera and her mum head to the seaside for a day at the beach and a trip on a boat. Soon, though, the sea has something to say. Something important.

The ocean asks for help – it is full of plastic and it isn’t safe for all the creatures living inside. Meera and her mum want to help, so put on their diving equipment and head into the water to see what they can do.

What a beautiful book! Katie’s illustrations are stunning and really help to portray the story. The reader sees how beautiful the ocean can be, as well as the destruction people are having on the environment. Katie tells the story in a way which is serious, yet offers a solution.

There is a poignant message through the book which is easily accessed by the reader. Saving the environment is a very hot topic both in and outside the classroom: children are very aware of the world around them and want to help. There’s even a helpful page at the back of the book gives some top tips to clean up the Earth!

The Blue Giant will be a book they read again and again.

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

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