The Terribly Friendly Fox – Susannah Lloyd and Ellie Snowdon

Stars: *****

Stars: *****

It’s time for the Annual Woodland Creatures’ Ball being hosted by a rather fancily dressed mouse. The guests start arriving and are very excited for the party!

Soon, an unexpected guest arrives which worries the guests…Wiley Fox! Everyone had heard some very worrying things about foxes, they definitely shouldn’t be invited to parties dull of creatures like them!

But, the fox explains he’s changed his name to Gerald now and is a vegetarian. The creatures are relieved and invite him to join their party. But will he be invited back again?

I really enjoyed the first person storytelling of this book. It was integral to the story but also added a more personal feel. We saw it from the mouses’ point of view and the emotions he felt through the story.

The best part for me was the subtle, yet funny, story which happened in the background of the book. As we watch Gerald and the party host enjoy the festivities there is something amiss!

This is a funny, clever story which any reader would enjoy! I adored the illustrations by Ellie Snowdon. The bright, playful pictures injected even more life to the story. Gerald in his waistcoat really amused me!

Like the sound of this story? Buy it here:

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