Find the Spy – Zoe Armstrong

Illustrated by: Shelly Laslo

Stars: *****

Hiding within the pages of this book are some incredible spies from around the world and through time!

We meet men and women from different wars and eras who were spies; they each had their own way of performing their missions which we learn more about. It also explains how they managed to find the information they needed, as well as how most evade capture…

This was a fun, interesting way to find out more information about spys. In the best way, it didn’t feel like a non-fiction book due to the less traditional way it conveyed the facts as a story. I also thought the topic is one we don’t often see, so the subject was one I definitely hadn’t learnt much about before!

For each spy, we searched for them in a picture before getting a hint of knowledge about them. Then, we are given their back story which is full of facts and detail which was not only interesting but exciting too! Often, they surprise us in an unexpected way.

Every spy’s story was packed with facts. I really enjoyed that connected to some stories were ways that the reader could practise some spy techniques, such as invisible ink! It made the whole book very interactive.

This is a brilliant book for every bookshelf.

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

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