The Catch – T. M. Logan

Stars: *****

Ed and Claire are finally meeting their daughter’s boyfriend. Abbie is excited for them to meet Ryan – he is the perfect man. He’s successful, good-looking and seems like he’s too good to be true. Within minutes of meeting Ryan, Ed gets a feeling that this might actually be the case – something about him just seems off. Ed has ignored his insticts before with horrific consequences – something he doesn’t want to do again.

Ed is the only one who sees this, though. Abbie is enamoured with her new beau, and her mum, Claire, thinks Ryan is lovely too. Ed knows there is something hidden behind the charm and commits to finding out before the wedding which is less than two months away. He becomes obsessive about finding the truth to the point it negatively impacts his own life.

Can he learn the truth, before he loses it all himself?

T. M. Logan knows how to create a gripping thriller which is proven with this novel! It centres around a protective father who is looking out for his daughter. I found Ed a really likeable character (despite his overprotectiveness taking over!) and found myself hoping he was proved right the entire time I was reading the book.

Abbie, Ryan and Claire had an interesting dynamic with each other which I felt really projected how Ed was feeling. I enjoyed the different points of view throughout the chapters in the book, really showing insight into the particular character and the tone was pitched perfectly to match each person. They each had their own difficulties and issues and it was really interesting to see how they all tied together to complete the plot.

I love it when I’m taken aback by a book ending. When you read lots of crime books, you start thinking you’re a DI yourself, trying to solve the crimes and mysteries before the book has reached its end. Increasingly, I find myself disappointed by twists as I feel as though I’d started to figure it out, or it didn’t feel real. This was absolutely not the case for The Catch! The twist really took me aback, and was a really exciting finale to a thrilling book.

This has been one of the best crime books I’ve read in a long time – I really struggled to put it down!

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