Wonderscape – Jennifer Bell

Stars: ****

An exciting book full of adventure, this is a perfect mesh of time travel and gaming! It’s a fast-paced science-fiction story which is interesting for even those who might not usually gravitate to this genre.

Arthur, Ren and Cecily travel 300 years in the future and are stuck inside a virtual reality. There’s only a certain amount of time they have before it’s game over…for all of them!

I am a huge fan of Jumanji and this book has this feel to it – trapped in an adventure game they need to complete in order to get home. In the book, they come across several historical heroes such as Isaac Newton and Mary Shelley. While reading you keep wanting to know what will happen next – it is definitely a page turner!

The writing is so creative and the language really helps pull you into the story and create images in your mind…almost as if you have your VR headset on and are there with them!

For this book blog tour, we were challenged to think about who our own heroes are. This was a tricky thing to do: there are so many inspiring people both now and in previous eras. After a long time choosing, I’ve gone for two people who I think we can all learn so much from.

Historical Hero

Name: Alan Turing

Level Theme: Code-cracking Genius!

Hero Factor: Alan was a huge part of developing computers that we have today. However, this is only part of his incredible achievements – he also helped to crack Enigma which was a huge part of shortening the length of World War 2. He was persecuted during his lifetime for who he was, yet still put others before himself.

Modern Day Hero

Name: Simone Biles

Level Theme: Outstanding Athlete

Hero Factor: Simone has always pushed herself to be the best athlete she can be. She mastered several tricks that others found difficult, making them look easy during competitions. Did she stop there? No! She has developed many of her own gymnastics skills which are now named after her. Even when she reached the top, she still didn’t stop having goals and achievements to excel even further!

Read the book and find out some more amazing people who have helped change the world! Who would be your hero? Who would you want to meet in the game?

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

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