Llama Glamarama – Simon James Green & Gary Parsons

Stars: *****

Llama Glamarama is all about Larry, a llama who’s keeping a secret…he loves to dance! Feeling upset at being so different from his friends, he sees an advert for the Glamarama and knows he HAS to attend!

He dances and has more fun than he has in ages! But will everyone be accepting of him?

After reading and LOVING this book for myself, I passed it on to my friend for her toddler to read and it’s safe to say, he adored it too! Llama Glamarama is bright, colourful and really engaging for the reader!

Larry is such a lovely character and you really want him to find his place. Plus, the Glamarama looks like so much fun to attend (anyone want to organise a real one…?) where he learns to love himself. There’s a really great theme of acceptance – of both yourself and others – throughout this book.

I was super excited to be asked to be part of the Dance Party for this book blog tour. Here, you will not only get to find out some of my favourite party tunes but also get to see a brilliant playlist from the author himself!

Dance Party Challenge:

1.      What’s your favourite dance move? I mean, if I’m in the club I’m sure it’s not appropriate to say which dance move is my go to…but currently there’s a few moves on Tik Tok I keep doing!

2.      Favourite song to groove to? This would definitely be Think About Things. Iceland were robbed of a surefire Eurovision win this year!

3.      Favourite song for a slow dance? I do love a bit of Buble! His version of ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’ is right up there.

4.      Ballet or hip-hop? I used to do both of these! But I always preferred hip-hop (I wasn’t as flexible as I needed to be for ballet, as much as I wished I was really good!).

5.      Jive or tango? Tango! I always love the sharp movements it needs.

6.      Flossing or flamenco? Flamenco! I’d love to have some lessons on this in Spain!


There’s something inexplicably appealing about standing in a line with other people, all doing the same moves, possibly whilst wearing cowboy boots.

5,6,7,8 – Steps

Cotton Eyed Joe – The Rednex

Hillybilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll – Woolpackers

Chattahoochee – Alan Jackson

Boot Scootin’ Boogie – Brooks & Dunn

Here’s a link to the full ‘Llama Glamarama Dance Party Tour’ playlist:https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2ADCN4QeWgEcFosldR5nVv?si=Pp_Y6uQRSoKNmdjvN-GBvA

I will DEFINITELY be checking out that playlist. Some of those tunes take me right back to my school discos!

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here: https://amzn.to/2BXDogt

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