Monstacademy – Matt Beighton

Stars: ****

Trixie is an ordinary girl, but ends up at a school where her classmates are anything but! Monstacademy is a school for all kinds – vampires, werewolves, banshees, ghosts and ghouls – but not usually people as normal as her! In this series of books, we see Trixie face a range of adversaries and challenges in order to find her home at the school.

In book one, ‘The Halloween Parade’, we see Trixie befriend a vegetarian vampire and a cursed werewolf. With their help, she needs to foil an evil plan to get rid of the ordinary people in the nearby village. Can she save them? Or will she be expelled…

Book Two and Three see our unlikely heroine facing new challenges. She needs to discover a traitor, navigate a visit from the Grand High Monster and locate a stolen artefact!

And finally…my favourite book! Book four is a ‘choose your own adventure’. I was OBSESSED with these as a child (especially the Goosebumps series) so was delighted to discover I could pick my own path through the story. A magical suit of armour has gone missing and you have to solve the mystery. Each time you read the book you can end up with a different ending – there are 20 you can create through the decisions you make in the story!

I really enjoyed this series! They are great for a range of children (and come in dyslexia friendly print and pages too, which I think is brilliant!). The characters are entertaining and, whilst being in a fantasy world, still overcome issues which children will recognise themselves having in school or life (though hopefully, encountering a ghoul isn’t one of them!).

Each story is really well put together and has an exciting plot line! I especially liked it when the pupils all got to make a potion for whatever they wanted! It really made me think what potion I might want to make too!

Like the sound of these books? Buy them here:

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