The Light Hunters – Dan Walker

Stars: *****

For centuries there have been Monster attacks on the villages. A decade ago, there was a Monster attack on Daven, where Lux lives, which killed his family. The Light Hunters are tasked with protecting towns from such attacks, so when the Cerberus escaped, the town held them to account. This mistake turned people against them; Light was banned from Daven.

Lux, however, is enchanted by Light. He has to keep the secret that not only does he like the thought of Light, but he can wield it too. His Grandfather teaches him and spots a powerful talent within Lux. He begins training him to be a healer: possibly the best healer the world has ever seen.

Despite being told to keep his powers under wraps, Lux has to use them to save her best friend Ivy after she’s injured in a spawn attack that he feels he has caused. Now, everyone knows he can use light…including the mysterious new stranger hanging around town.

Soon, Lux is launched into the world of Light Hunters – but is it the monsters who are the greatest danger?

I had heard lots of brilliant things about this book before I started reading it. The cover itself is exciting and really draws your interest in; it really stood out on the shelf amongst everything else! Then, just from reading the first chapter I was absolutely hooked. The short chapters are bursts of excitement and create a really easy-to-read book. Each was left on an exciting moment which made you want to just keep on reading and reading (even when it gets to 1am and you know you have to get up for work the next morning!).

I loved the combination of Lux and Maya as main characters. Their friendship was a really lovely part of the story – they really looked out for each other and understood how the other felt. I also really liked the relationship Lux had with his Grandfather, too.

The concept of ‘Light and Shade’ was really visual and created an interesting storyline. I loved the Monsters too – there were some I definitely had to look up. I am a huge fan of mythological creatures in stories and this had them in spades. It was a really fast-paced action story with bundles of plot twists and turns. And the ending leaves me really hoping there’s a sequel!

I really can’t sing the praises of this book high enough – GO AND BUY A COPY! You can thank me later.

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

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