The Switch Up: LA Exchange – Katy Cannon

Stars: ****

In the first ‘Switch Up’ book, Willa and Alice met on their way to summers they weren’t all that excited for. They looked so similar they thought why not…switch! This time around, Alice is excited to be visiting Willa in LA – there’s so much they can see and do.

But Willa has another ingenious idea. She is a budding director now, and has so many different opportunities that she physically can’t be in so many different places at once. But, with Alice coming to visit, her plan might just work…

But Alice doesn’t enjoy the plan all that much. Willa is off filming while she ends up doing her volunteering for her; she isn’t sure what she’s gaining from it. Will their friendship last this test?

I made sure I read the first book in the series before this and I really loved it; it was a really easy read and I got really involved in the story (it had a Parent Trap vibe about it – swapping identities and all that!) which I found enjoyable. Alice and Willa were both such different characters but they worked. I found each of their personalities really helped make the book worth investing in. I genuinely wanted to find out what happened to them next!

Alice was disgruntled at flying to LA just to cover for Willa; it really changed their dynamic from the first book and created interesting emotions which are good for the reader to explore. Willa is a more dominant character and her development through the story, as well as the change of her perception of herself and others.

I liked the inclusion of text messages throughout the story as it made it feel ‘interactive’ with the characters – seeing their discussion in a different pretext. The setting of LA made it feel really cool too – a different kind of lifestyle for the girls to explore!

This is a really good summer series to read – especially with the weather we have now! Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

*Review Copy*

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