Agent Asha: Mission Shark Bytes – Sophie Deen

Stars: ****

Did you know there’s a secret spy agency for children? Asha has just been recruited by them to discover who – or what – is taking down the internet! Luckily, she is a brilliant coder so, despite having to break into one of the biggest company in the world, battle sharks and risk setting off her farting selfie stick, she’s the perfect person for the job.

But, can she do it before the world loses connection?

This is an action-packed adventure right from the get go. Asha is a go-getter and wants to make her change in the world around her. She’s brilliant at coding (and lets be honest, we need more books showing girls this isn’t just for boys!) as well as being a cool undercover spy. She’s smart, resourceful and well…world-saving!

It is an exciting adventure and I loved the variety of the story. Not just the writing itself but also the illustrations that are included throughout. They really help make the story more exciting and ‘flow’ better, giving us a closer look at the action. I enjoyed that it included morse code, and flow charts, which made the story feel interactive (and you learnt along the way without even thinking about it!) as you could do the ‘tasks’ alongside the characters.

All the tech included was really modern too, giving a new look to spy stories! I loved the sharks especially as they added to the action. There’s even a QR code which takes you to a cool app!

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

*Review Copy*

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