Llama Out Loud – Annabelle Sami

Stars: *****

Yasmin is part of a very LOUD family. She’s quiet and often gets left in the background. Her parents talk. Her aunties talk. Her brothers definitely talk. And Yasmin loves that about them all – the hubbub is what helps her family feel hers.

But she’s so quiet that sometimes it feels no-one really listens to her, meaning she could get blamed for things she didn’t do!

Then, Levi turns up who is one of the LOUDEST llamas around! He turns up in Yasmin’s life and it’s safe to say, causes some chaos! Despite his loud, chatty (and sometimes rude!) persona, is he the one who’s truly listening to Yasmin?

This book is HILARIOUS and I can tell you now, there are so many children who are going to love reading it! Levi is funny and entertaining (without becoming a ridiculous character!) and creates a really fun story.

But beyond this, there’s an important emotive story about a girl who wants to find her voice. Yasmin starts the story lost in the hubbub of her family. She’s quiet and often finds herself without a voice, even when she does speak. This often means she gets the blame for things she hasn’t done – no one takes the time to listen to her side of the story! Yasmin is a really likeable character and leaves the reader really wanting things to work out for her.

Throughout the story are incredible illustrations which add to the story, through not only depictions of the happenings of the page, but mini-comic style sections which cleverly show finer details of the tale. They are very cleverly placed!

Levi the llama helps her find her voice – he’s especially good at using his – which leads to a real feel-good tale. It shows children that they always have something worth saying and can speak out for themselves.

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here: https://amzn.to/2Z1l6DT

*Review copy*

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