Sophy Henn is an incredible illustrator who is known for her work on past World Book Day designs, as well as the brilliant ‘Bad Nana’.

I am here to reveal some brand new characters of hers to you today from her new book: Pizazz!

First up we have the ‘Normals’:

And then we have the ‘Supers’!

I wonder if all of this can give you a bit of a clue what the book might be about…?

Pizazz is a superhero but sometimes she doesn’t want to be the good guy – she just wants to be normal! She often has to leave fun things behind in order to go and save the world…which sounds more exciting than it is!

Full of cool comic-strip style drawings, this is set to be an action-packed, exciting book!

Take a look at the link below where you will find a full blurb as well as the chance to pre-order!

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