Infinity Son – Adam Silvera

Stars: *****

Based in a fantasy New York, Infinity Son is an exciting story full of mythical creatures and magic. Celestials are born with powers, but after the Blackout they are seen as a danger to society when Senator Iron chooses to campaign against them. Then there are specters who have ingested the blood of mythical creatures in order to gain their powers who are threatening the safety of the city’s citizens.

Brighton and Emil are twin brothers who live in New York. Emil is quiet and often feels like a sidekick to his brother who has his own channel, focusing on the celestials of the city. He has thousands of followers and wants to rise to fame alongside the heroes he idolises. After a run-in with a specter, life changes for the brothers forever.

Emil discovers he has powers – but rather than celestial powers he has the fire of a Phoenix. He knows he hasn’t done this to himself, so where have they come from? With the help of a team of celestials known as the Spell Walkers, he needs to figure it out, and fast.

When I started reading this book, it sucks you straight into the story. It begins in a fast-paced exciting way, which requires the reader to become au fait with the action from the off. You are immersed in a world of mythical creatures and magic which is consistently exciting throughout the story. I loved the involvement of hydras, phoenixes and ghosts as I really enjoy mythology!

Emil and Brighton, although twins, are very different from each other. While Brighton wants to become a star by making videos about the celestials he admires, Emil is more of a wallflower who stays in the background. I thought the dynamic between them, as well as their developing relationship, was really interesting to explore. With big changes that occur (don’t worry, no spoilers here!) the brothers need to navigate a new normal whilst still maintaining their family ties and loyalties.

Alongside this, I also found the range of characters included, as well as all their varied personalities, created an effective demonstration of current society: politics, sexuality, relationships, family. Although we may not have magic and creatures, we do have the same divides and conflicts that are addressed.

I found myself wanting to race through the book to see what happened next. Silvera writes in an exciting way which really makes the reader feel invested and involved; after reading Infinity Son (and a recommendation from someone I work with!) I am keen to read more of his books! What ones would you recommend?

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