Spaghetti Hunters – Morag Hood

Stars: *****

First, can we appreciate the bright, gorgeous cover for this book?! I love the texture of it too! As you can tell from the front illustrations, the story centres around a small duck and a tiny horse who, together, go and hunt spaghetti.

But tiny horse’s idea of what spaghetti is doesn’t match duck’s so he isn’t left impressed!

I really enjoyed the humour that this had throughout, and thought it had some really lovely discussion points for the child you are reading with throughout the story. Why does horse think these are great items for hunting spaghetti? What have they found instead of pasta?

The bright, engaging illustrations throughout really hold a child’s interest and the characters are super likeable! Duck is brilliant and I love how involved horse gets in the hunt too (however misguided he is!),

And (stop reading here if you don’t want a spoiler alert!) I loved that duck’s solution was to make his own pasta! I made my own the other day too and it is SO MUCH TASTIER than shop-bought pasta. It would be quite a nice little activity to do with little ones too! You don’t always need a pasta machine; some types of pasta can be rolled by hand.

So, to use along with the book, I’ve included a brilliant recipe for pasta here!

Why don’t you give it a go, and do some spaghetti hunting of your own!

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

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