Dream Team: A Case of the Jitters – Tom Percival

Stars: ****

A Case of the Jitters is a fast-paced action story featuring the Dream Team! We start the story with Erika wanting to take part in the school talent contest. The problem is, her main talents are speaking to animals, riding on clouds and making things appear and disappear…which only happens in her dreams! Not exactly going to win her a prize….

But, when she gets an emergency call from the Dream Team, she discovers she’ll have to use these talents once again when her dream is being attacked by a Jitter! Jitters are especially nasty as they start as a quiet voice in the back of your head, muttering negative thoughts, before finally taking over and making you feel as though everything you do is wrong.

Nothing seems to be going right for the Dream Team; Erika will need to use her courage and bravery to help Chanda stand up to it, before everything has been changed completely!

I thoroughly enjoyed the premise of this book; a Jitter is something children will feel in real life yet may not understand. Having it be defeated by using courage and bravery shows children that they can not only confront it, but also beat the jitters they might feel too. Erika and Chanda had to work together, showing also the importance of teamwork and sharing your problems and worries too. Erika also showed compassion and understanding when it came to the talent show (though I won’t spoil it and tell you how!)

The illustrations throughout add to the charm and enjoyment of the story; all the characters are brought to life beautifully (my favourite is Silas!). The ominous images of the Jitter added to the drama of the story too!

The writing was cleverly done, introducing fantastic language for the reader as well as building images in their mind which match the illustrations already being shown. This is the perfect book (as well as the one before it!) to introduce readers to longer chapter books.

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here: https://amzn.to/2Df9Hs5

Emily x

*Review Copy*

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