My Headteacher is an Evil Genius – Jack Noel

Stars: *****

Tom Ginger knows that her headteacher, Ms Fortune, is the world’s most terrible headteacher. She has some truly outlandish plans which won’t be good for the school (or anywhere, actually!). It’s up to Tom – she’s the only hope.

But the problem is, Tom is quiet, shy and retiring, which isn’t exactly the usual characteristics you look for in a super hero, is it? But Tom does have a power at her disposal…her new braces tune into the radio communications of her headteacher! They’re supposed to be top secret, but Tom becomes aware of some very suspicious conversations.

Along with her new friends (and the A D O R A B L E Hammy Potter, the hamster) Tom must find a way to stop her headteacher’s plans and become the world’s most unlikely hero!

Jack has written a book which children of all ages will absolutely love! Not only is the story itself hilarious, but the incredible illustrations to go alongside it just add to the humour. I always enjoy a book where there are additional parts of the story outside the writing – such as newspaper articles – as I think not only is it more interesting to read, but it also shows children how different styles of writing work (but I guess that’s the teacher in me!).

Tom Ginger was, despite her shyness, an endearing hero. She works with her friends to use her newly discovered radio-invading braces to hatch a plan. Not only that, but she turns something a lot of children might see as a negative (we sadly always hear that about braces, don’t we!) into something which benefits her. Like a lot of people though, little Hammy stole my heart in the book – he’s adorable! In fact, Hammy Potter was discovered in my classroom, taking a nap after all the excitement of the book..

Can you spot him having a doze?

The adventure of the book will certainly hook children in and keep them wanting to keep reading to find out how the story ends. Tom and her friends are great companions for the reader while they involve themselves in the plot to beat the headteacher! One for every KS2 classroom library.

Like the look of this book? Buy it here:

Emily x

*Review Copy*

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