I’ve found it difficult to post on here over the summer. I’ve done a blog here and there, but I’ve missed a couple of book tours, and not read as many review books as usual. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know we had a family illness, then loss, which started the day before the summer break started. I’ve been trying to keep going, but I’ve been forgetful about things I’ve needed to, and should have, posted. It’s not like me at all to be unorganised, or not to have done something I said I would.

I hate letting people down, so a huge s o r r y to all the publishers & authors who haven’t had something blogged about over the last 6 weeks! I will be making sure to catch up over the next few weeks, but please accept my apology for letting things slide.

However, to kick things back off in style, I thought each Saturday (though this week, it’s a Sunday!) I’d do a round up of the fabulous book post I’ve received through the week. I absolutely adore getting post of any kind (though it seems lots of people are the same!) but parcels filled with books are my favourite thing to get through the letterbox. Or in a pile from the postie who knocks on my door at least once a week!

I know I’m very lucky to get such brilliant books so wanted to share some of the joy!

This week I’ve received:

How Do You Make A Baby – Anna Fiske (Gecko Press)

I love that there are more books being released which help to inform and educate children and teens about subjects usually seen as more ‘taboo’ to discuss openly. I can’t wait to read this and see how Anna has approached the topic.

The Witches – Pénélope Bagieu (Scholastic)

This is the graphic novel version of Roald Dahl’s classic and I am SO EXCITED to see how all the well-known characters have been portrayed!

Jumbo – Alexandra Stewart (Bloomsbury)

This is beautifully illustrated by Emily Sutton, and tells the story of an incredible elephant.

While You’re Sleeping – Mick Jackson & John Broadley (Pavilion)

What happens when you’re sleeping? You can find out in this interestingly illustrated picture book!

This Book is Not a Bedtime Story – Eoin McLaughlin & Robert Starling (Pavilion)

Dare To Be You – Matthew Syed (Wren & Rook)

This a brilliant looking book to help give children confidence to be themselves. After Matthew’s last book, I can’t wait to read this one.

The House of Clouds – Lisa Thompson (Barrington Stoke)

Another of Lisa’s fantastic books for Barrington Stoke. Tabby thinks her Grandad’s stories are silly and made up…but discovers one might be true! Can’t wait to find out what it might be…

I hope you’ve discovered some new books you might like to pre-order! Watch out for the reviews coming soon –

📚 Instagram – @theteacherbookworm

📚 Twitter – @primaryteachew

Or, this book blog! Happy Reading 🥰

Emily x

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