It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog on #SixForSunday – it’s been a busy few months despite the lockdown we all had to endure (and to some extent, still do!). I’ve made sure to join in the chat that Steph (the creator of #SixForSunday – you can find her blog here: https://alittlebutalot.com/) hosts each week though, usually based on the theme of the blog post each week.

So, now it’s September and some normality and routine is back, I intend to continue joining in each Sunday and post my own six books related to the theme. This week, it’s about which characters are clever! There are so many different choices but I’ve gone for:

  1. Jamie (The Boy With the Butterfly Mind): despite wanting to be ‘normal’ and be rid of his ADHD, Jamie shows his capabilities and that he is able to achieve, even though it isn’t necessarily expected of him by various people. He takes situations others might shy away from, and thinks outside the box.
  2. Hermione (Harry Potter Series): Obviously she had to appear. She is academically clever but also uses her logic to escape other situations they find themselves in to. I could also pick Draco Malfoy here. I know, he isn’t usually top of anyone’s list but actually, he proves his resourcefulness time and time again.
  3. Addie (A Kind of Spark): Addie uses her cleverness to prove to people that being different doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be accepted.
  4. Tierney (The Grace Year): In the face of an adverse situation, Tierney finds solutions to problems, and notices things that others don’t which ends up being a way to save her – and their – lives.
  5. Peeta (The Hunger Games): Probably not one expected to be on here, and I’d probably pair him with Hamitch, but I think Peeta proves throughout the trilogy that he is very clever. Maybe not academically, but at reading people and situations to come to a conclusion of the best course of action.
  6. Pippa (A Good Girls’ Guide to Murder): She knows that All couldn’t have killed Andie, and uses her cleverness to try and prove that it’s true. She uses facts as well as her own deductions to do what others can’t: look past the obvious.

I’d love to hear what you think of this selection, and I’ll definitely be looking at what others have chosen too! There were so many characters to choose from so I’ll bet we have some very different choices!

Emily x

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