It’s been an incredibly busy week this week, so getting to sit and take some time out to write this has been a real moment of peace!

This week, we are looking at which characters who are good role models within their stories. A tricky one, as there are so many good ones! I’ve gone for some modern, some less so, but hopefully no controversial choices. There were some I wanted to put on that were good role models for redemption – but I went for more traditional ‘good’ characters instead!

1. Addie – A Kind of Spark

2. Justyce – Dear Martin

3. Peeta – Hunger Games

4. Pippa – A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

5. Cimorene – Dragonsbane

6. Lyra – Northern Lights

What do you think? Are there any that you disagree with? I can’t wait to see who you all picked!

Emily x

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