The Incredible Record Smashers – Jenny Pearson

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Anyone who has read Jenny’s previous book (if you haven’t, go get a copy NOW!) will know she is a hilarious writer. You’ll be pleased to know that The Incredible Record Smashers is just as witty and exciting as her debut!

Lucy’s mum is unhappy, and Lucy wishes she could fix her, just like she does everything else. Instead, her mum goes to stay in a place that will help her whilst Lucy stays with her Aunty Sheila.

Aunty Sheila tries her best, but she’s not her mum. With the help of her new friend next door, Lucy comes up with an i n c r e d i b l e idea to help make her happy again: by smashing a world record!

She’s convinced that Paul Castellini is the key to her mum’s happiness – a famous crooner and Record Smashers host and judge. By getting on to his show, surely she can fix her mum, can’t she?

Jenny really understands what makes a brilliant book for children. The Incredible Record Smashers is full of humour which is perfectly pitched, as well as being naturally woven in rather than feeling like forced jokes.

I really struggled to put it down; the chapters were cleverly written in a way that moved the reader on and kept the action fast-paced, with Lucy and Sandesh involved in lots of mishaps along the way.

My favourite character, though, was Aunty Sheila. She was larger than life and I thought she added a lot to the book! Having Lucy sleep in a canoe really made me laugh.

I love the heart-felt story of Lucy and her mum, which tackles important issues in a way that builds empathy in the reader. Mental Health is such an important topic and it’s vital to help children develop understanding and empathy.

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Emily x

📚 Book gifted from publisher.

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