The Perfect Parent Project – Stewart Foster

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I have long loved Stewart’s books; with deep, emotional themes at their heart which are conveyed to the reader in a sensitive way, they have earned their place in classrooms around the country. I was especially interested to read this title, as it focuses around a boy who is in foster care. I have not come across a book which looks at this, at this age group, and therefore I was really interested to read more about it.

It centres around Sam (little c, big C) McCann, who has had many foster homes over his short life. Now, he has been placed with Reilly’s family: Sarah, Tom, and Reilly. He loves spending time with Reilly, but still doesn’t feel as though he has his own home. That’s when he and Leah – his best friend – come up with a way for him to find his forever home: the Perfect Parent Plan!

Along the way, Sam learns more about himself than he expected, and finds out what ‘family’ really means. But at what cost?

This is a book that is written in a heartfelt manner which really helps children begin to understand what life may be like for a child who is fostered. Sam is a complex but likeable character who is really just desperate to be loved; it really helps the reader build empathy and start to understand behaviours that some children may demonstrate and why, their peers or kids in your class.

I think this is a really important book which covers topics that children do not usually read about. Alongside the obvious themes of the story, I personally loved the exploration of Leah and Sam’s friendship. They both have needs that need to be met from their relationship with each other, but when they are not recognised the reader can really see the impact of this. Friendships are something I find lots of children really struggle with as they grow up (and let’s face it, some adults do too!) and I know I’ll be recommending this as a book to read to help them understand them more!

Be warned though, this is an emotional read! I cried at different parts of the book, which is credit to the writer – there aren’t many books that manage to do that!

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher.

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