All I Want For Christmas – Beth Garrod

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Elle lives in America and is developing her social media stardom. After entering a Christmas competition to gain 15k followers, she decides she needs to develop exciting content that no-one has seen before, in a bid to shake up her image.

She wants to swap with a British fan for Christmas.

That’s where Beth comes in. When she sees Elle post a picture of her village, she takes the opportunity to escape her ex – Woody – and get back into the Christmas spirit. Can she get back the Christmas feeling by swapping lives with an influencer?

This is a book absolutely crammed with festive cheer. I loved the swap the girls undertook; the chapters flipped between Elle and Holly, with each of them having a very different voice. You really get lost in the story (I read it in one sitting!) and find yourself really willing for both the girls to find their happy ending. This is a fantastic book to read over the Christmas period!

And to get you even more into the festive mood, the author, Beth Garrod, is here to share from of her favourite Christmas songs, and why it’s made it onto the list….

I am a big fan of all things Christmas, and wrote All I Want For Christmas when I was knee-deep in Quality Street and miniature polar bears (which narrows it down to six months of the year). It’s a book that’s choc-full (literally) with Christmassy-ness as heartbroken Holly, and US-based influencer Elle swap lives – and countries – in a bid to get all they want for Christmas. But do they get a sleigh-load more than they bargained for? Well, you’ll have to read it to find out (clue: yes of course they do). 

Holly is a fan of all things Christmas, so all of this week on the All I Want for Christmas blog tour we’ve been sharing tunes that made it on to Holly’s holiday playlist. And when it comes to today’s entry, well, there’s no song that marks the start of Christmas more than this. So deep breath, and get ready to c-roooooon…..

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas 

It’s not just iconic. It’s iconic with snow on it. And did you know it apparently only took Mariah fifteen minutes to write? FIFTEEN MINUTES?! That’s basically the time it takes to find the end on a roll of Christmas sellotape – yet somehow Mariah used it to change the course of Christmas crooning forever. So if you want to get in the festive mood, follow Holly’s advice and crank this on. The little dingles at the start are officially the biggest rallying cry to get in the holiday mood ever achieved by a glockenspiel, and once it begins, chances are you’ll be singing along by the end. In fact, Holly’s rule is you HAVE to be singing along by the end of it – high notes and everything (just do a quick scan to check there are no dogs you’re putting at health risk from doing so).

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

Emily x

📚Book gifted by publisher.

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