The House of Clouds – Lisa Thompson

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Tabitha’s life has been altered when her grandad moves into their home. Not only does he take up space, but now she has to walk his dog every day which is a job she does not enjoy. One day, she bumps into a boy in her form: Alex. Tabby thinks he’s a bit weird, but he seems to be following her around. On top of that, she misses Rebecca who is now best friends with Lily instead.

She feels alone.

Then, Tabby gets led by Buster – the dog – to a hilltop house she’s never noticed before: The House of Clouds. Her grandad tells her that it belongs to Ava, a Cloud Artist who sculpts in the sky. Tabby doesn’t believe him at first, but she soon discovers she should look beyond what she thinks is possible…

This is a really emotionally raw book which lets children address deep issues in a way that is accessible to them, and on a level they can understand. Tabby has to deal with friendship and family problems and also the emotions that come with them. With the help of an unexpected friend, she manages to find her way through this, and end up learning more about herself.

The emotions Tabby has to deal with are relatable for us all, children and adults alike. The guilt of not seeing a loved one enough; losing a friend who was once really close; judging books by their covers. The way Lisa has written addresses these fantastically and shows the reader that it is okay to feel this way.

As always, Lisa Thompson has written a book which beautifully exposes human feeling, wrapped up in an interesting story.

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher.

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