Christmas is just around the corner but I feel like it’s already arrived with the fantastic post that has dropped through my letterbox this week! 🎄

Melt – Ele Fountain (Pushkin Press)

I adored Lost, Ele’s previous book and I am just as excited for Melt, which is out in April 2021!

Beauty and the Bin – Joanne O’Connell (Macmillan)

Combining eco-friendliness and beauty, this looks like a cracking read! It even came with a recipe for a homemade oat face mask which I can’t wait to try out.

Featherlight – Peter Bunzl (Barrington Stoke)

I am a huge fan of Peter Bunzl and I can’t wait to read his offering for Barrington Stoke!

Front Desk – Kelly Yang (Knights Of)

Telling the story of Mia – a kind, hard-working girl who has a lot of secrets – this looks like a heart-warming read of reaching for your dreams.

The Swallow’s Flight – Hilary McKay (Macmillan)

Welsh Rarebit recipe – check! Another cracking book from Hilary McKay – check! Perfect combo to start the new year with, I think!

The Broken RavenJoseph Elliot (Walker Books)

A follow up to The Good Hawk, this promises to be just as a brilliant as the original book in the series. Keep an eye out for my Q & A with the author, coming soon!

The Ghost Garden – Emma Carroll (Barrington Stoke)

I love a historical fiction, and have high expectations for this after Emma’s previous offerings!

Pizazz vs The New Kid – Sophy Henn (Simon and Schuster)

I loved the first Pizazz book so can’t wait to see what happens in the next instalment!

The Boy Who Sang With Dragons – Andy Sheppard (Picadilly)

A F A N T A S T I C series – and I’ve got a fantastic giveaway coming up to go with it…

Old Macdonald Had a Phone – Jeanne Willis (Anderson Press)

With classic illustrations by Tony Ross, this teaches children to use their phone safely to a rune they are already familiar with.

As always a H U G E thank you to all the authors and publishers I am lucky enough to receive books from! 🥰💫

Emily x

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