This is the final book post blog of 2020 – just when I was getting back in the swing of them the end of the year has crept up on us. I don’t know about you, but I felt like sections of this year have really dragged, but the whole thing has whizzed right by!

In the run up to Christmas I was lucky enough to be sent a stellar pile of books. As my family refused to buy me any once again for Christmas as I ‘have too many’, I was even more grateful for them as it felt like I did get some books for Christmas after all!

Last One To Die – Cynthia Murphy (Scholastic)

This looks like a creepy read which are my favourite! Niamh has gone to London for fun and freedom, but when girls across the city who look just like her are being attacked, she starts to wonder who she can trust…

The Broken Leg of Doom – Pamela Butchart (Nosy Crow) & The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh – Helen Rutter (Scholastic)

These were both sent to me by Imagine Centre and I can’t wait to review these brilliant titles for them! I’ve had my eye on BWMEL for a while, and I have loved Pamela’s previous books!

What I Did – Kate Bradley (Zaffre)

Lisa is running and is risking everything to protect her little boy but it’s hard to fight someone you love. I can’t wait to get stuck into this one.

When the World Was Ours – Liz Kessler (Simon & Schuster)

This book is inspired by a true story. Based on three friends whose lives change when the Nazis arrive, we see them diverge on to very different paths. I love historical books and find books from this era of history particularly poignant and interesting. Definitely going to be one of my first reads of the new year.

A Shelter for Sadness – Anne Booth (Templar Books)

It’s so important to help children address their emotions and this book looks perfect for doing so. Plus, it has stunning illustrations from one of my favourite illustrators: David Litchfield.

A Prince and A Spy – Rory Clements (Zaffre)

This is a follow up to Hitler’s Secret which was a Sunday Times bestseller. It’s 1942 and Tom Wilde has to try and uncover a secret which involves the Nazis and the Monarchy.

The Captive – Deborah O’Connor (Zaffre)

This sounds right up my street! Hannah needs to #UnlockTheTruth – but who will it set free?

Robin Hood: Piracy, Paintballs and Zebras – Robert Muchamore (Hot Key Books)

This is the second in Robert Muchamore’s Robin Hood series. A modern take on the classic tale, this is one that will fly off classroom shelves.

The House at the Edge of Magic – Amy Sparkes (Walker Books)

Nine is an orphan pickpocket who is sure her luck will change when she takes a beautiful ornament which turns out to be full of magic. It becomes a house, which is under a curse which only Nine can break!

The Queen’s Fool – Ally Sherrick (Chicken House Books)

Ally is known for her brilliant historical stories! Set in the Tudor times, this book follows Cat as she sets off to find her sister. Her journey leads her to the palace of Henry VIII, and soon leads her to a plot which she needs to foil as it threatens them all.

Emily x

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