The Boy Who Sang With Dragons – Andy Shepherd

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This is the final instalment in the brilliant series by Andy Shepherd. Each book follows Tomas as he discovers a real dragon tree in his Grandad’s garden. Each story in the series is full of friendship and overcoming obstacles in order to keep these relationships strong – both with humans and with dragons!

Now, I don’t want to say too much about the final book as I’d hate to give away something from the others in the series if you’ve not already read them! And if you haven’t read them yet (or even if you have and want your own set for your own shelf or the classroom!), check out my Twitter page (@primaryteachew) for a chance to win the entire series! With that in mind, let’s take a quick peek at the series so far:

This is the book that kicked it off – The Boy Who Grew Dragons. I loved this as soon as I read it (so much so that we used it in our Whole Class Reading scheme!). It is full of character and charm, which will make you desperate to read on to see what happens to Tomas, his dragons and his grandad.

Ted has Flicker, his very own dragon who grew in his grandad’s garden! Not only this, but his friends all grew their own dragons too! In book two, we find out what living with a dragon is really like.

Tomas loves Flicker as more than just a pet – he’s made a friend. But he’s promised his grandad that he will let the dragons go back home where they belong. But where exactly is that?

With Flicker and his friends back in the North where they belong, Tomas misses him, but when Zing appears he will need to keep his secret more than ever!

In this instalment, Tomas is an expert at growing and protecting dragons – it’s a fantastic final book in the series and really finishes Tomas’ tale well.

Not only are these books well written, but you’ll adore the illustrations scattered throughout the story too!

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher.

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