I absolutely love reading and I’m so excited to be taking part in a challenge that encourages reading and conversation. Despite a lot of people believing it to be a solitary activity, reading is such a social thing to do! Even if you do your reading alone, you can chat to others about what you’ve both read and take/give recommendations. Some of my favourite books have been found this way!

Next year, my aim on Good Reads is 121 Books in 2021. It seems like a big target, but is a similar number to what I’ve managed to hit the last couple of years! I’m so lucky I get to review books for publishers and authors so these make up a large number of what I read. However, to join in with the #50Booksof2021 I want to set some more specific targets about the book choices I am going to read next year.

First, I want to read more classics.

I so often end up avoiding them because I find them more difficult to get into – or maybe it’s a hangover because the last one I read (To Kill A Mockingbird) I just didn’t really enjoy that much! Either way, this year I aim to read at least 5 ‘classic’ books.

Second, I want to read three books that were nominated for the Booker prize. A lot of ‘adult’ books I read end up being crime or chick-lit and therefore it isn’t often I see books I know on the nomination lists! I’d like to read a bit more widely with this! I’m going to have a target of 5 books on the list – either 2020 or the new 2021 list when it’s published – to read.

Third, I aim to read more verse and graphic novel books. I only discovered this properly last year and not only do I enjoy them, but I love how much more accessible it can make literature, as well as showing children (and adults) that reading doesn’t always have to be ‘proper’ books as they’re so often called. Alongside this, I want to listen to more audio books too.

5 graphic novels.

5 verse novels.

10 audio books.

The other 20 books I want to make sure are a real mix of books. I’m going to use my own ’20 books in 20/21′ to help me read widely and find new genres or authors this year! If you’re interested in using it too, either with your children or for yourself, here’s the link:


I’ve also totally updated my ‘TBR’ jar too, which I will use to select some of the books from my shelves when I’m finding it difficult to make a decision of what’s next to read. Often I look at the shelves and there’s just too much choice for me. Some books have sat there far too long as I favour new books, but this stops me from doing that! A few of my favourite books from 2020 had been on my shelf for months but when they came out of the jar, turned out to be brilliant.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else will be reading! If you want to follow my Good Reads, click here:

Emily x

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